About Gedas Paskauskas

Artist Statement

My recent work centers around collective beliefs as related to religion, family and happiness. I became interested in the subject upon noticing that most prevailing narratives and precepts accepted by social institutions would rarely lead one down a path of contentment. Invariably many who set out with goals or queries all too often find the answers illusory. What at first seems easy or obvious would soon appear difficult or inaccessible. Faith and conviction can empower endeavors, but when accepted unconditionally can lead to despair. As Carl Jung stated “anyone taking the sure road is as good as dead.” The statement, though seemingly severe on the outset, appropriately defines too many outcomes.

Painting as well as photography gives me a vehicle to explore new directions in creating pictorial strategies. Using traditional and unconventional media I forge imagery that engages the viewer with questions rather than answers. In my photographic work I set out to discover an alternative view. Since I typically enjoy seeing the dynamic at play in the relationship between the figurative and the abstract, I look for natural settings to help inspire and create provocative images. The result would be an ensemble of gestural forms performing much like characters in a play. These elements, often biomorphic in shape, appear not to tell a story but offer a nuanced message or sentiment. Made of aluminum composite construction material they are first shaped, colored with a variety of inks and dyes, positioned and then photographed. Their amorphous quality juxtaposed in nature, may engage the viewer as depiction, yet allow room for interpretation and personal reflection.


A native of Rhode Island, Gedas Paskauskas began his art education in 1970 at the School of the Worcester Art Museum and the Worcester Center for Crafts. After graduation, he continued private study with Robert Douglas Hunter in Boston, MA. In 1975, Gedas began a career as a commercial photographer and later as a mural artist. Co-founding Bopas, Inc. in 1981, a mural and decorative painting company, he branched out to form Gedas Paskauskas Studios, Inc. in 2005.

His personal work includes painting and photography that has been exhibited in select galleries as well as site specific installations, nationally. Recent focus has lead him to explore commonly excepted myths and how our lives are shaped by our beliefs surrounding money, religion, and relationships

Gedas divides his work and time between his studios in West Palm Beach, FL and Providence, RI.


Recent Exhibitions

2021Worcester Roots, Krikorian Gallery, Worcester, MA
202185th Regional Exhibition, Fitchburg Art Museum, Fitchburg, MA
2021Inside Voices, Artsworcester Gallery, Worcester, MA
2020In Transition, Fitchburg Art Museum, Fitchburg, MA
2019Blue Mountain Gallery, NYC, NY
2018Music for Your Eyes, Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Ana, CA
2017Beasts of Burden, O’Hara Projects, NYC, NY
2016Lucy by the Sea, Commissioned Installation, Palm Beach. FL
2014Beasts of Burden, Harvard Education Portal Galleries
2013New England Biolabs, Ipswich, MA
2012No Naked Walls, Audio Concepts, Boston, MA
2011Tides & Sky, Gallery55, Natick, MA
2010MCCA at BCEC Fenway Artists, Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, Boston, MA
2009Fenway Artists, Now and Then, Vose Gallery, Boston, MA
2007New Work, Red Dot Gallery, Dorchester, MA
2007New Works from Fenway Studios, Massport Logan Airport, Boston, MA
2005Centennial Exhibition, St. Botolph Club, Boston, MA
2003Centennial Exhibition, Vose Gallery, Boston, MA
2002Fenway Artists on Holiday, Vose Gallery, Boston, MA
2001National Small Works Open, Juried exhibition, Gallery on the Green, Canton, CT
1999National Juried Exhibition, Artforms Gallery, Manayunk, Philidelphia, PA
1998Landscapes, Upstairs @ Johnson, Boston, MA
1997American Experience, Perry House Galleries, Alexandria, VA
1996144 Square, International Small Painting Competition, Erector Square Gallery, New Haven, Ct


1975 - 1977Robert Douglas Hunter, Atelier. Private study in landscape and human anatomy.
1970 - 1973School of the Worcester Art Museum, graduate. Painting major
1970 - 1971Worcester Center for Crafts, Worcester, MA